The wedding present that became Almdudler

Love was the elusive ingredient which led Erwin Klein to the perfect ingredient. Find out more about the history of Almdudler.

Goes well with everything!

Our diverse varieties are refreshing with natural juice content and 30% less sugar.

The perfect energy kick!

Original Almdudler meets invigorating extracts. 32 mg natural caffeine and 30% less sugar

So light, so good!

The new Almdudler Light is completely free of sweeteners – full taste with just 16 kcal and 60% less sugar.

Good taste gets back to its roots

Almdudler’s meticulous production process begins with collecting and drying alpine herbs.

Dudeling for a good cause

Not only alpine herbs quicken our pulse – but also the environment, equality and openness.

The Almdudler HQ

Even from a distance, you can see that the entrance looks like a huge Almdudler bottle. There’s something different about this building.


Almdudler goes far beyond the borders of Austria.


Here you can find everything your Almdudler heart desires.


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