The Almdudler HQ

A home like no other

It was an exciting time back in 2007, when the decision was made to give the Almdudler family a new home. One that brings everything together and shows what Almdudler stands for. And one that is as environmentally friendly as possible. It was no easy task. And there were a lot of questions to be answered. Except one: the location.

Why Grinzing

Almdudler has been linked to Vienna’s 19th district so long that some might even ask which came first: Grinzing or Almdudler? What makes Grinzing so special is that the city and countryside complement each other so well here. The city limits, vineyards and nature are just a short distance away from our building at Grinzinger Allee 16. And if you want to head to the city center, it’s just a short journey away, too.

Alpine feeling in the middle of Vienna

Almdudler is city and countryside. Typically Viennese and Alpine at the same time. And that’s why the Almdudler building is the only building in Vienna with its own rooftop Alpine cabin.

Somehow different

You get the sense of it outside, but once you’re inside, it’s obvious: Everything fits together in the building. The different materials, modern design, traditional elements and people. The way that staircases, balconies and bridges are designed to connect nearly all of the rooms.


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