Dudeling for a good cause

Green Building

We built and certified the Almdudler building according to the Green Building guidelines. Why is that good? Because the whole building is made out of environmentally friendly materials, we generate geothermal energy and use 100% green electricity.

Bees and organic honey

For some years now, bees have been buzzing in and out of the two hives on our rooftop terrace and round and about the whole building. They find everything they need in our herb garden and the gardens around the neighbourhood. We give them a home and they give us honey. An organic beekeeping expert comes to visit regularly to make sure that everything is as it should bee.

Protecting the Alps

We love alpine herbs, so we love the Alps. That’s why we have a long-standing partnership with the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) to protect the Austrian Alps. We support the ÖAV Youth Association and make a valuable contribution to looking after Austria’s mountain and alpine pasture landscapes.

Clean mountains

Since we’ll go to any lengths, not to mention great heights to protect the Alps, groundbreaking Austrian mountaineer Peter Habeler, ambassador for the Clean Mountains Campaign, Almdudler managing director Gerhard Schilling and Austrian Alpine Association President Andreas Ermacora, climbed the highest peak in Austria together. Every year, they renew their continuing commitment to a Clean Mountain Manifesto for the alpine landscape, so raising awareness of this important issue.


Almdudler may be the life and soul of the party, but it also turns up where people in our society need extra help. Through Project tralalobe, we have been supporting a house run by the Diakonie Refugee Service in Vienna, Mödlingm Biedermannsdorf and Guntramsdorf. These are is places where children who have had to flee their home country without their parents are given the opportunity to be children once more. They have tailor-made training and education, help with their studies, free-time activities and care, help to become integrated in society, legal advice and psycho-social support.

Die Boje

Help, a hand up and hope: these are central to Boje’s work. This is an organisation which helps children and young people in crisis. Boje does wonderful, vital work, so we have been supporting them financially for some years.


Caritas provides help through countless projects here in Austria, but we felt especially moved to support two of these in particular. For some years now, we have been donating part of the profits from the Almdudler Trachtenpärchen Ball to two initiatives: “Lernen Macht Schule” is a project through which students from Vienna University of Economics and Business provide tutoring for children from disadvantaged backgrounds; “Funken Wärme” is a charity appeal which supports people in need financially, so that they can keep their homes warm during the winter.


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