The Almdudler History

The wedding present that became Almdudler

Love was the elusive ingredient which led Erwin Klein to the perfect recipe: a blend of 32 natural alpine herbs, beet sugar and soda water. That’s the story behind Almdudler, with the first bottle produced on 17th October 1957 as a wedding present from Erwin to his bride, Ingrid. And that’s why it’s safe to say that Almdudler is a drink with heart and soul.
Once Erwin was sure about what should go into the bottle, the next question was what should go on it. For over 55 years, Almdudler’s shapely glass bottle has been a genuine original, inside and out, thanks to its distinctive design. The trademark logo – the good-humoured couple in traditional garb Marianne and Jakob – still grace the Almdudler bottle today, although they’ve been treated to the occasional makeover across the years. The closely guarded recipe has remained unchanged since 1957. After all, you can’t improve on perfection.

An Austrian family company

The Klein family has always had an active hand in shaping the Almdudler brand. Following the untimely loss of Erwin Klein, his son Thomas took over the company; he was just 20 years old at the time and remains one of the owners today. It was he who burnished the brands credentials and helped it to shine on the international stage. We are particularly proud that Almdudler remains a 100 per cent family-owned company to this day.

Genetically caused

Even before the invention of Almdudler, the Kleins harboured a passion for soda. Erwin Klein’s grandfather produced sodas and soda water at the end of the 19th century. In fact, his lemonade and raspberry pop were considered the best in all Vienna.


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